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Alexandra Flynn

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Nov 11 , 2013 The Mobius strip of lost highway -creating cinematic events that create states, affective state -similar effects in lost highway to the previous film noir, but there is no voice over to give idea of the direction its going -pictures emotions, important n all the film noirs  Point where you feel the highest point of emotion is where all cinematic/film noir conventions intersect Nino frank -1945 end of depression, end of WWII -different 1945 from 1997  Had cold war, communist threat, advancing capitalism, shifting gender dynamics  On other side of American dream is American nightmare -3 areas  socio cultural  economic  historical -film noir of time create shock of recognition, -harder to find the affective state in lost highway than with the other films -to work long hours, one had to know/cog in machine -machine elicits feelings that makes sense in a n age that suppresses them; increasing polarization between work and entertainment  sense work environment not where you live, just were you go to make what you need to live -Donald trump embodied irrational exuberance, show it/get it/flaunt it and it’ll give consumer confidence -you earn more when inflation is lower; stock market bubble when everything is way more than its actually worth -lost highway comes out right as irrational exuberance is being questioned, along with women coming into the news -the promise keepers are group who try to find what it means to be patriarch again, wanting to assert their manhood in world where women gaining more power -a bit of media criticism starting too, (in terms of movies music – rap) -“are music and movies killing America’s soul” no it was the mass media stars, eg O.J. simpson -oj simpson case had peaked many peoples interest -what picked up in lost highway was how could a man murder his wife and still continue (reflected oj simpson case) -if hollow, might have to murder -all of the film noirs are either filmed in la or character ends up in la at some point in the movie -film noir is critiquing the other film genres guy debord -everything directly lived has moved away into a representation -makes you feel something by showing all the spectacle, it restores feeling but also alienation as you don’t really understand what is happening -how do you picture a dream/feel affect of the film -like music, film generates affect carl planting -he wants to get audience a certain kind of outcome -hard to do this in lost highway b/c first few times watched its hard to follow  the aspect of being lost/not following/understanding is part of its affect “im deranged” by david bowie -plays during opening of movie -similarities to the other two films -> dramatic use of the road in the opening  its dark like beginning of double indemnity, detour was bright in the opening -lynch paying omage to Hitchcock’s vertigo & detour, by making lost highway a kind of remake of the two combined -he made the film quite dark in terms of lighting in the scenes  use of shadow painting, film starts off with light from cigarette; then extremem close up of fred’s nose and face which is poorly lit, then scene gets brighter & can see his whole face  unlike most film noir, character is in his own home, but home doesn’t feel very home like charioscuro (clair-obscure) -dream like lighting, directs your eyes to focus on something particular -in film noir usually have hard light, but not the case in lost highway (confuses genres again) -close up on buzzer -challenge of modern subject, how do we inhabit present experience when we’re always told to find it out there but we can’t, unable to locate ourselves to where we are -b/c of the inability, we’re prone to lash out which fred does by disembodying his wife (he sees mystery man in her & tries to get him out of her) -“dick Laurent is dead” -house is like a maze, dark corners/twists/turns/corridors, he’s locked inside -he can’t see the fr
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