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ENGC10H3 Lecture Notes - Marlovian Theory Of Shakespeare Authorship, Blank Verse, Hereditary Monarchy

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Shakespeare Lecture June 2nd
Titus Andronicus
1594 Quarto of titus Andronicus was discovered in 1904 – only known copy in existence
For centuries it was thought to be lost but then it was discovered
other quartos later appeared with slight changes, and new mistakes
With every correction, there were more mistakes
Titus Andronicus Inspiration
1590s – Referred to as a Marlovian play
Reference to Marlow – who was writing before Shakespeare
Marlow was the first to write in blank verse
Thomas Kidd – wrote the Spanish tragedy which was filled with gore and violence.
They cut out somebody's tongue in the stage performance
All of these are following the model for revenge tragedy laid out by Seneca.
Scene 1.1
Saturninus bases his speech on primogeniture (first born) – birth right
concept also talks about the son's inheritance of father's estate
Based on a hereditary monarchy, lineal succession
He believes his birth gives him the right to his throne
Bassianus bases his speech on democracy/election
Before people get to choose, Marcus interrupts and says that they've already chosen their
leader and it is Titus Andronicus.
1) Emphasis on accomplishments (Titus) rather than connections (the brothers) on the basis
for election
2) This decision has also been made without the brothers' knowledge because they're out
there making there case with no knowledge of the fact that the decision has been made
When he says “the romans have chosen” what he means is that “the secret parliament has
Although the people – the romans – are constantly referred to, they are not literally present.
Marcus' intervention is powerful – causes the brothers to back down
First 50 lines, honour keeps coming up – Titus represents this word
Line 96 – Lucius calls for a sacrifice
idea of legacy – cutting off the line
2nd part of scene
Titus does not want to take the throne
Line 296
Line 400 – Idea of rape as taking one's property (lavinia as property)
Act 2.1
Lines 119 – 132 – first time we meet Aaron
Victims of rape are always objectified in the process
To revel: def 1: to take intense delight or satisfaction in something
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