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ENGC10H3 Lecture Notes - Alchemy

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Richard III – Read up to end of Act II
Midterm test – Responsible for everything uptil Richard III, end of Act II
Julius Caesar
Marc Anthony only speaks a few lines so no sense of his ethics, personality but all that
changes in Act III when he comes to dominate much of the play
He says he is no "orator" like Bruce – he will outspeak Bruce which is evident via is
funeral speech. His irony has an energizing effect on the hearers
Focus on Anthony and understanding his character
Language is crucial in getting power
Act 3.1 Line 148
After they kill Caesar what do they do?
Then Anthony comes in (who is very close to Caesar) and he doesn't just say "listen to
what I have to say", he goes right for Caesar's body which is laying on the ground
What is Anthony doing? Why does he enter this way and go immediately to the body
rather than the conspirators? Why say "I know not what you intend gentleman"
Why does he say " I do not know gentleman what you intend" – should this be
read slowly or angrily
Speech is so carefully contrived, he juxtaposes the god-like once living Caesar with
the dead man lying on the ground
All these accomplishments and greatness is reduced to nothing
"The letting of blood" – was an essential part of healing the body especially when
one is sick – so purging the human body of any disease – but in the play's context, it
is equated to the body of the nation/body of the commonwealth (Body of
Rome/Body of Caesar)
Idea of removing the sword from the diseased blood and dipping it into pure blood.
The idea is alchemical in nature
Parallelism in the language helps explain the calm certainty – Line 162
Anthony is able to complement Caesar and the conspirators and embracing his own
He's also praising the conspirators – How could you do this you great men lol
After he shakes the bloody hands he reflects on his standings
Anthony seems to go back and forth – he seems to accuse but also seems to celebrate
– you shouldnt have done this – great people – lol
Reference to the wounds:
More careful use of language – apostrophes
General movement of the speech is also carefully brought out
In both speeches, Anthony is able to celebrate Caesar's greatness in a manner that
deserves respect.
Idea of falling into the earth and becoming one with it (body becomes one with
Ruins – picking on the ruins of the castle
Can't speak, so Anthony has to speak for him
Act 4
A major turning point in the balance of powers
4.2 – arguement over Cassius' support which Brutus interprets as dishonorable
Brutus learns about the death of his wife Portia – Portia commits suicide
What is remarkable is not her death but rather his failure to respond to it, he
doesnt express his emotion, just asks for wine
Is this a stoic response or has he forgotten about what it's like to be human
Brutus has a tendency to overthink which leads to a failure in response
Is it a man who has become desensitized?
Act 5.5
Act 3.2
Read aloud
negatio – line 70 – saying he's not gonna talk about it predicts that's he gonna talk
abou it
friends, roman, countrymen