Lecture 15 Notes

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21 Mar 2012
Lecture 15
1) Hal and self-presentation
2) Mistress Quickly, gender and the language of the tavern
3) Chivalry and Pistol
4) Humoural theory and discussion
Here, it’s Harry, not Falstaff, who’s weary at first appearance in Henry IV Part I,
Falstaff was weary with alcohol/sleep
Factors involved in weariness
Poins says high rank protects from bodily weariness
Hal’s face as a theme in first part, he said his face was covered by the clouds which
hides his greatness
Appetite tells Hal that he wants to drink small beer not wanting to consume something
inappropriate to his nature
We see things have taken a negative turn
Poins is of lower class Henry says he shouldn’t know about Poins there’s not sense
of separation between high and low class
Poins’ illegitimate children are the kids damned?
Hal’s not sure if he’s legitimately a king because his dad usurped the throne should
Hal worry about his illegitimacy? Will he benefit from this illegitimacy?
o This massage was probably taken out because it’s too controversial
Harry’s status is changed he says he’s friends with Poins because he’s testing out his
appearance before common people
Hal used to be Falstaff’s “heir”, but now he’s replaced by this page, who speaks the low-
class tavern talk
Act 2, scene 4
o Line 219 why is Poins friends with a prince?
Falstaff argues it’s because they’re so alike
o The reason is because Poins is so dis-aloof he’s dull, says they’re both really
the same (carousing)
o This represents Falstaff’s fantasy about how Hal is, that he’s so relaxed
But we know Poins is just a consultant/representative to test Hal’s
appearance Hal wants to know what common people are thinking
o Falstaff fantasizes Hal is relaxed because he doesn’t really want his surrogate son
to leave him Hal and Falstaff are kind of off right now
o Like Gadshill robbery Hal and Poins disguise themselves again
o Pretending to be drawers more professional identity than they had the first time
in first play (no identity in that disguise)
o Line 225 “anon, anon sir!” Falstaff realizes who they are
Falstaff has to defend himself because Hal knows he was being insulted
o It doesn’t last long Peto comes in and disturbs scene
o Now the tavern has time Hal is guilty that he wasted time in the tavern
Hal’s language shifts as if order is restored
Act 2, Scene 2
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