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Lecture 11

Lecture 11 Notes

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Rebecca Wiseman

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Lecture 11
1) Prince Hary‟s evolution
2) Falstaff on the battlefield
3) Hotspur
4) Imposter kings
Different types of fathers chosen vs. natural
Types of speech language
Diversity of English nation
Prince Harry‟s transformation
Falstaff outside his tavern element he‟s on the battlefield now
What good does Hotspur‟s chivalry do him?
Imposter kings people pretending to be kings on the battlefield
Play is part of a longer set of 2 plays no sense of closure here because it‟s first of two
Act 5 opening
o Harry and his father speak differently
o King Henry is a harsher father than Falstaff
o The sun represents kingship but he looks at the sun and sees himself, but it
looks bloody
o Maybe the sun represents the people they‟re going to defeat, not themselves
o The way in which Henry and his son interact
Something new happens in Act 5 King Henry doesn‟t talk down to his son anymore
o Falstaff suddenly speaks two worlds collide (tavern and war)
o Worcester says he didn‟t want rebellion, but that he had no choice
o When Falstaff enters the world of the court, he‟s an impediment and an
annoyance for Harry Harry rejects Falstaff to become closer to his father
Falstaff jeopardizes Harry‟s authority
o Harry is changing from his former self
Worcester says Harry wasn‟t true to his word
Justifications for rebellion if someone breaks the rules, they deserve to be deposed
King Henry says they‟re only inciting people who want rebellion for rebellion‟s sake
to make their own drab lives interesting
Henry scornful towards rebels
Harry praises Hotspur like how Henry does praising, kind address to his rival
Praises him and then challenges him to single combat
o He doesn‟t challenge him in an obnoxious or challenging way not a rash
person like Hotspur he‟s calculating and calm, like a politician
o Harry‟s practicing kingly responsibilities he does it well
Like negotiating with the enemy
Next scene with Harry and Falstaff reminds us again of the taverns
o The language returns to poetry, not elevated prose
o Falstaff doesn‟t have a natural inclination towards battles talks about honour in
his speech approaches it differently, whereas for Hotspur, it‟s something that
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