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Lecture 21 Notes

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Rebecca Wiseman

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Lecture 21
1) dramatic irony and he chorus, act 2
2) Harry and „play
3) Deaths and just deserts
4) French views of Harry
Harry only emotionally attached to war after the tennis balls came offended, but
played along same enjoying attitude
How Harry and Dauphin interact agonistic seeking same thing rivals chivalry
has fallen from courage and bravery, rplaced by ambitions of sexual supremacy and
ownership become comical/debased
The war as a good thing to purge destructive energies
Act 2 chorus
o Different tone/goals interest in dramatic irony
o How it compares to prologue
o No beating around the bush here, there‟s spoiler alert, tells us what‟s
o Lots of seasickness jokes it may be rocky to give sense of sea
We have to returned Globe theater can shift from England to France goes along with
our own creative job we have to use our imaginations
Chivalry is debased fight about a woman‟s sexual body
Act 2, scene 2
o Pistol and Nim‟s rivalry
o Line 73 the boy comes in, telling them to go there, his master (Falstaff) calls
o The hostess believes Falstaff is dying because Harry has rejected him
Foreign wars as binding a nation together
Paying the debt resolves the problem
This act is focused on Falstaff‟s death sad note forcing Harry to take responsibility
for the death of this old friend
o Tragic alone death of Falstaff to Harry‟s official killing of traitors direct vs.
indirect means of killing
Play sets up like we don‟t know they‟re the traitors, but Harry does know pretends he
does not know asks the traitors about advice
o Ironic because he‟s pretending he doesn‟t know that they‟re traitors
o Harry wants to discuss a person who got drunk and spoke out against the king
asks what punishment he should give him he‟d pardoned him
Advisors (traitors) say Harry should be more harsh if you allow this
guy to go free, they‟ll think you‟re too lenient a push over
Harry plays a part, suggesting he should be merciful
If he can‟t give mercy for a small slip, how should he react for
elaborate conspiracies talking directly about these three traitors
He sets up this situation to make it ironic gives them “commissions”
which is their death warrants
One of the traitors was his bedfellow Strope it was his best friend
promise of a foreign payment motivated him to turn against him
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