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Lecture 17

Lecture 17 Notes

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Rebecca Wiseman

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Lecture 17
Falstaff and Fantasy
o Falstaff not aware of fact that Hal is gone
This is the first act where we see Henry V --. Post Henry IV
o Shallow’s house like a tavern drinking happens here
o Falstaff witness conversation between Shallow and Davie conversation
about what to serve for dinner Falstaff thinks this is flawed model for
relationship of employer/employee
o ―wild geese‖ geese weren’t considered the noblest creatures they just flock
about not a compliment
o Idea that people you spend time with influence who you are
o Friends’ qualities are contagious
o Hal moving subtly towards Falstaff
―On it is much that… ache on his shoulders‖ Falstaff
Someone not burdened with responsibilities they’re easy to
amuse them he says Hal is like that
o ironic because Hal is actually burdened by kingship
they’ll never be in a happy scene together Falstaff has
no idea that the relationship is done gives us model of
Kingship and appearance
o Scene 2, act 5
o He can tell he’s truly upset
o Enter Harry as king observes how everyone is acting he assumes that he’s
not a Turkish king stereotype that he’s rutheless if he’s a Turk
o Harry trying out kingship performance
o Makes us wonder who Hal is really or is he just really unexperienced?
o Henry asking what Lord Chief Justice did latter is scared of being imprisoned
o People assumed Harry would be a riotist but he’s actually quite sensible and
o New surrogate father is Lord Chief Justice Falstaff doesn’t know huge shift
from Lord of Misrule to Lord Chief Justice loyalties totally shifted
o Hal says all his riotous behavior was buried with his father
o Pistol comes into tavern
o Falstaff is happy that Hal is king he gets to do whatever he wants little does
he know that his former life is over yes, but not in a good way because Harry has
rejected him
o At last scene, all the lowly characters shift aside law is still being enforced, not
all chaos once Henry IV dies Doll Tearsheet and Mistress Quickly are taken
away these sources of corruption are being dragged away
o Hal’s ethos (appearance) is what matters now
For Falstaff, values are friendship he thinks shabbier is better shows
his love, that he rushed there
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