Lecture 20 Notes

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21 Mar 2012
Lecture 20
Hal still maintains jest/playful nature but it’s adapted to suit his role as king
At the time Earl of Essex was working on invading Ireland
This play puts arguments for/against expansion of nation
More about diversity ethnic lots of accents/dialects there’s still communication
Calls himself Harry now, not Hal wooing France princess
Possibility of united England --. Last play of second tetrology Henry V uses some of
the language Richard II use trying to manipulate language for political ends
Play offers answers to some of the questions Richard II asks
Do we support Harry as a king? What makes him better/worse than past kings is he a
justifiable king?
Prologue in play invites us to interpret what comes we can use imagination to make
the play work play requires the imagination
o Chorus ancient Greek play commenters exists in luminal space between
afction and audience tells us how to interpret the play
1.1. line 8 persuade us that the play is inadequate not realistic
o Question of if the stage can encompass history? no
Chorus knows stage is inadequate so asks audience to use imagination
Audience to sanction play
Contract between players and audience
History embedded in present day needs present day to make it work
Harry is complex on the stage he is like himself a mere representation
o He has to pretend to be king when he’s uncomfortable with it
Canterbury and Eli symbols of order at the beginning, it’s almost as if tavern doesn’t
Harry not present in first scene he’s talked about by high-ranking people with a lot of
They want Henry V to invade France to get money so church doesn’t go impoverished
1.1 line 25 his youth not promising but from the moment he became king, the
wildness in him died the two men are impressed with Harry’s transformation
o Harry’s good at everything --. Politics, political science, etc. they think maybe
he was actively studying while everyone thought he was carousing now they
don’t blame the bad crowd they recognize the tavern value when they used to
blame him
o But these men are selfish they want to manipulate the king to save themselves
from poverty can Harry be manipulated for the ends of the clergy?
Act 1 summary Saliq law Law that prevented females from succeeding the throne
o This law is abused by France misapplying law that’s German this law had
been ignored anyway Harry himself also has a claim to the throne through
female predecessor
Then goal is to start a war against France
o Canterbury quotes law in Latin why does play spend so much time and effort
on the law?
No longer the compulsive Hal he listens to evidence and makes informed decision
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