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Lecture 22 Notes

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Rebecca Wiseman

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Lecture 22
1) 3.4 and the blazon tradition
3.4 written in French early Modern audience knew French the elites who went
to university
Set in feminized space no longer English but what is said isn’t very important
going from world’s battle to feminine interior space
o Alice trying to teach Catherin to speak blind teaching the blind Alice’s
English isn’t that great either Alice thinks she does well but English audience
is laughing at her comedic scene
Why name the body parts? blazon a way a poet approaches the female character by
praising each part
Example sonnet 130 My mistress’ eyes are nothing like the sun
o The anti-sonnet goes against blazon tradition
Catherine trying to catalogue her own body rename her body parts re-identify
Feminist point of view objectifying women based on body parts showing
By engaging in this blazon, she’s preparing herself for English Attentions, Henry V who
courts her by using blazon herself, maybe she’s reasserting ownership for her own
body naming them herself rather than allowing a man to stake claim over her body
through blazon can be both feminist or anti-feminist
Gender politics has to do with success of battles relates to relationships between men
and women
Nationality and language
Act 4 act starts with Harry’s speech to his soldiers trying to convince them puts
them under canopy of English identity
o Balancing violent energy with restraint peaceful during peace time, assertive
during wartimes
o Claims they all have common ancestry talks to the English identity not
different identity they all have same ancestors, same parents ignores the fact
that they’re all different class, or different parts of England (Wales, Irish, etc. )
he ignores all this and calls them the same
At battlefield Pistol, etc. are fooling around
o They want to be safe in London, drinking ale
o Captain Fluellen is from Wales, he comes in Welsh accent
Speaks as an outsider but he’s the bravest of all despite the fact that
he’s not English
Ironic because true bravery came from the Welsh guy, not the true English
people who were actually fooling around
o Question of who is really English
o Scotland was a nation of rebels not culturally tied to English
Irish doesn’t like England either constant conflict between the two
Irish were regarded as barbaric, savage, culture-less
o Three nationalities all cultural conflicts --. So it’s apparent Harry was wrong
they’re not all English and the same
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