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ENGC15H3 Lecture Notes - Theodor W. Adorno, Cockfight, Thesis Statement

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Pouneh Saeedi

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Epiphany comes through in many instances
o Epiphany: sudden discovery
o Silent stasis
o When you feel the clarity of the object, it’s like time has frozen
o It’s a moment of intense pleasure
o Deeper meaning than revelation
o The integritas
o The object becomes foreground in the epiphany
Ex. Mrs. Ramsey, To the Lighthouse
Dude realizes she’s super beautiful when he leans against a portrait of
Queen Victoria
Parataxisplacing side by side, a literary device that favours short sentences and the absence of
o Used to show Leopold Bloom’s stream of consciousness in James Joyce’s Ulysses
Staccato-like, different modes of death
o Living in a Metropolis, so this technique used to maintain attention for a long time
o Something about concrete reality
Semioticstudy of signs
o Ex. Downtown Toronto, you get desensitized from the bombardment of the signs
In the bombardment of stimuli, you latch onto the familiar
It’s all about the same theme in different variations (Adorno’s Popular Music)
because people want to experience the familiar
That’s why there’s such a prevalence to stream of consciousness
That’s why the movement of epiphanies, which are sudden where you
experience a sort of oneness with being to streams of consciousness, for
the familiar in an unfamiliar setting
Free association (Freud):
o Not about the subconscious
o Why streams of consciousness aren’t the subconscious
o It’s about the preconscious
Subconscious: realm that takes over when he’s
But Bloom is conscious, so with streams of
consciousness, he’s using his preconsciousness
Incestone of the major prohibitions in place
o Came about explained in Totem and Taboo (Freud)
Geertz: thick descriptionthe multilayered contextualization of a particular event, look at an event from
a very broad context
Sees a cock fight from a broad context
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