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ENGC16H3 Lecture Notes - Honor Killing

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Laura Jane Wey

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Book of Joshua
Book of Joshua
Conquest of Canaan
Conquest of Canaan
Joshua performs the miracle of the parting of the waters of Jordan (3:14-17)
Dried up waters of Jordan for Israel to pass through
Conflicting accounts: where are the 12 stones laid? (4)
Ritual of circumcision repeated (5:2; 5:5)
This is because the children of Israel whom Joshua speaks to are descendents rather than the
ones who were intially circumcised. Therefore, they too must be circumcised.
The ceasing of the supply of manna (5:12)
Now they eat fruit of the land and corn as well
The battle of Jericho (6:5; 6:17; 6:20)
Everyone dies except Rahab just because she hid and saved the lives of Joshua's messengers
Her and her family is the exceptio
The wall of Jericho is brought down by the shout of the people at the sound of trumpets.
Cursed be the man that rebuilds Jericho – only his sons can do it?
The trespass of Achan (7:4; 7:6; 7:10; 7:19-21)
1st transgression under Joshua's supervision
He took Babylonish garment – gold & shekels of silver
The taking of Ai by ambush (8:7-8; 8:14-16; 8:25-29)
Smart plan – for some of Israel to hide behind the city and for Joshua and his people to go
there and pretend as if they are fleeing once again.
While they lour the people of Ai out of their city, the men who have ambushed the city burn
it down.
Joshua and the people then turn around and kill them who have followed them.
The pact with the Gibeonites (9:4; 9:15; 9:24; 10:5-8)
These people are afraid of being killed by the Israelites so they bring victuals to Joshua and
pleas with them to make a pact.
Claim they are from a far place but in fact they are from a land within a short distance
They are Gibeonites and because Joshua has made a pact with them he cannot harm them
Since they lied however, they are forced to become the Israelites' bondmen – drawers of
water & wood.
The Settlement of Canaan
2 ½ tribes east of Jordan (Reuben, Gad and half the tribe of Manasseh); 9 ½ tribes west of
Jordan; tribe of Levu has no land inheritance.
Worshipping of God becomes a common theme
Chapt 24
Father of Abrahan served other Gods
So forefarther became a follower of God rather than being born into serving God.
This explains why there's anxiety about the worshipping of other Gods.
Fathers of Israelites may have served other Gods in Egypt that was not known before.(that
were on the other side of the flood – in Egypt)
“We will also serve God”
Ambiguity – this may mean that they will also serve God in addition to whichever other
Gods they serve
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