ENGC16H3 Lecture Notes - Book Of Deuteronomy, Book Of Leviticus, Fathom

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27 Nov 2011
1-12, 28-34
End of Exodus
Chapter 40
Moses puts up the tent and then takes it down
First instance since Adam & Eve that God lives amongst his own people
Book of Deuteronomy
Much more uniform with the books that follow it
5th book of the Book of Moses
Significant portions of Deuteronomy are considered to be the oldest part of the Bible
as we know it now.
Much of the subject matter covered overlaps w/ Exodus, Leviticus, & Numbers.
Most of it is spoken in Moses' voice; popularly believed to have been written by Moses
Narrated by Moses – he's addressing the congregation
Supposedly the beginning of the fulfillment of God's promise to give Canaan to the
descendants of the patriarchs but already looking forward to future disobedience and
Failure of the Israel State
God tells Moses to write a song for Israelites to remember why they will be scattered
despite God's promises to them.
Moses' First Speech
Recapitulates Israel's 40 yr journey out of Egypt to the brink Canaan
Re-narrated from Moses' point of view
Chapt 2 (v:19)
God says you not “posses this land because I gave this to another tribe, etc”
Making it clear what you can have and what the Israelites cannot have
God is saying that before the Eminites, there was a large giant race bus since he
decided to, he got rid of the others, to give Eminites land.
Proving to Israelites that he can do the same for Israelites
*So are Eminites chosen people too?
In his speech there's an emphasis on strict adherence to the letter of God's law
Emphasis on God's mercy and love for his people
Concept of God forgiving you if you repent
An attempt to explain away the failure of the covenant
Emphasis on love – repeated many times.
Small but significant changes/additions to the narrative seen in the earlier books
Insraelites are more involved in the decision making process
Moses puts the blame directly on the Israelites for him not being able to go into
Canaan – (But in 1st narrative, God says that there's a failure on his part – not just the
Emphasis that Israelites only heard God's voice at Mt. Sinai/Horeb and that God has not
been seen – so Israelites cannot present God in any form.
Also making it clear that they only heard God's voice
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