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ENGC16H3 Lecture Notes - Babylonian Captivity, Documentary Hypothesis, Jahwist

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Laura Jane Wey

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Bible and Literature – Lecture 1
Four sources – Documentary Hypothesis
Documentary Hypothesis – That the 1st testament was completed using 4 different documents –
So what are the 4 sources?
J (Yahwist) – orientation towards Judah & God's anthropomotphic & referred to as Yahweh
E (Elohist) – Northern Israeli orientation & God is referred to as Elohim
D (Deuteronomy) – Hardships are consequences – due to the failure of pple to hold up
agreement with God
PVery detailed & dated after the Babylonian Exile, so last bit to be included
But...there are scholars who disagree with this hypothesis
P is not a separate document but a filler
Deuteronomy is actually the oldest of the documents
Inconsistencies show existence of an oral tradition rather than multiple written sources
Tanakh as a whole was produced by generations of Israel's scribes = copied, edited, &
revised the texts
Dismisses idea of 4 sources
Genesis 1-2: The Creation
2 versions of the creation story
1st story
creates human life last after having created animals, plants, etc
creates man and woman at the same time
man is unnamed
no restrictions as to what they could have/eat
humans are to be more dominant
2nd story
human life is created first, Adam gets to name the animals
creates woman because man needs a companion
Forbidden from eating from a specific tree
No indication that humans are to be more dominant
Punishment – serpent, Eve, and then Adam (Adam is let off quite easily compared to the
Genesis 4: The 1st Murder
Cane & Able
Children of Adam and Eve
Cane (the eldest) is jealous of Able because God likes his offerring more, and resolves to
kill him
Not sure why God doesn't like Cane's offerring
Chapter 6-9: The Flood
Made up of 2 versions
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