Song of Solomon

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17 Apr 2012

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February 8, 2012
Bible and Literature II – Song of Solomon
New Testament builds on the Old
Also brings something new that the Old Testament did not
The sacrifices in Old Testamant are reminiscient of Jesus – type of Jesus
Song of Solomon
When Morrison names a character Ruth – we know Ruth is a type of Mary – she's the
grandmother of David who's a type of Jesus
There are all these kinds of mirrors
There are so many types – Jacob could be a type of Jesus
Type, anti-type
Names bring up all kinds of references
Song of Solomon is sort of a riddle – a mystery – we're not sure what's going on
Book is a historical novel
Set in 1960s – first generation of free slaves in the south
You have references to both world wars
The Great Migration – antitype of journey to the promised land
In typology old testament provides a historical link between past and the current
Bible resonates throughout the book
By stopping in 1963 – what`s not happened yet is the civil rights movement?
It ends at the same time as Rosa Parks
This novel is not interested or concerned about the white and the black community – it's just a
focus on the black community/black world
But that struggle is going on
Emmett Till
12 yr old black boy who spoke to a white woman at the store and was murdered by white
men, mutilated & shot
Reflected in Song of Solomon
Song of Solomon & Typology
The Father May Soar And the Children May Know Their Names – epigraph of the book – at
the beginnging
Names are very important in this book
A book of mystery – and the Bible is a key to understanding the novel which is an enigma
There's so much background to the novel
Toni has two audiences: the wider American public who would not necessarily know the
community and also the people in her own community who are well aware of the bible
All the women and men have biblical names
If we're familiar with the Bible, this novel gives us special access that other people wouldn't
have = Scene where milkman and Pilate are arrested – Pilate quotes Matthew 21:2 “Bible says
what so e'er......but the quote is actually something else?
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