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17 Apr 2012
February 29, 2012
Bible and Literature
2 ways the bible can be interpreted
Typology: In the Old Testament the New Testament is Concealed; In the New Testament the Old
Testamanet is Revealed
Typology is not just an allegory
It is history; historical fact
It's a type of what's going to come
Midrash: is a way of interpreting biblical stories that goes beyond simple distillation of religious,
legal, or moral teachings. It fills in many gaps left in the biblical narrative regarding events and
personalities that are only hinted at.
2 kinds of midrash
1 about law
Over a period of time, rabbis would right things to fill in gaps
Essentially Last Temptation of Christ is sort of a midrash – filling things in
Both have theological basis; one Christian, one Jewish; one macro, and micro
Typology look ats the bigger; macro
Midrash; micro (looking at small areas)
Jewish are not fans of Typology cause it makes it seem like Old Testament is only completed by
the New Testament
Last Temptation of Christ
The skeleton of the Story drawn from all Gospels. Fills in gaps with story. Unlike Midrash
some changes and significant editions
1964 film by Pasolini (Italian film) The Gospel According to St. Matthew (stays true to the
1970s – we had the “hippy” Jesus
Scorcese wanted to make film, ordinary people, in realistic setting, wanted to use language of
the streets, proverty, harshness of life
Purposely used language of streets because he didn't want it to be iconic
He wanted to do something new/fresh
He wanted Jesus to be fully human AND fully divine
He's both “us” and “other
According to Kazantzakis – not story of the Gospel but a “fictional representation of the
eternal spiritual conflict; the incessant, merciless battle between the spirit and the flesh”
Question: Does the text of Bible indicate or hint at this dualism
Yes, when Jesus says “God why have you forsaken me?”
Judas sort of becomes the beloved disciple in this movie (falls asleep on Jesus' chest)
Snake has the voice of Mary Magdalene = what's her temptation = house, family, home = this
is the first temptation
When Judas exposes child as devil she goes up in flames
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