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Lecture 22

ENGC23 Lecture 22: 11.2 Wizards

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Sonja Nikkila

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11.2 Wizards
Wonderful Rulers of Oz (cont.)
● RememberthattheWWWfoughtOzoutoftheWestandmadetheWinkiesherslaves
○ ThenOzruledoverEmeraldCitywherethepeoplewereafraidofhimandthuspromisedtodo
○ TheWWEruledovertheMunchkinsasslavesintheEast
● TheTinManismadekingovertheFieldMiceaftersavingtheirqueen
○ ThentheWinkiesgrowsofondofhimtheybeghimtobecometheirruleraftertheWWWdies
● TheScarecrowreturnstoEmeraldCitybecauseOzmadehimrulerandthepeoplelikehim
● TheLionismadekingoftheHammerHeadlandsandbeasts
Build a Wizard
● Notable“popular”wizardsinclude:
○ GandalftheGrey/WhitefromLordoftheRings
○ AlbusDumbledorefromHarryPotter
○ MerlintheMagicianofKingArthur’scourt(numerousmovies/shows)
○ ObiWanKenobifromStarWars
○ YodafromStarWars
● Awizardisamentorsomeonewhoguidesyouandtellsyouwhattodo/instructsyou;usuallyseveral
○ ***infuriatingsecretiveaboutallimportantfacts
■ ObiWansaysnothingaboutLuke’slineage(straightupliedtohimaboutalotofthings)
■ Dumbledore’sdeathwasplannedfromthebeginning
■ Gandalfoftenridesofftodosomesidequesting
○ ***youwillunaccountablylosehim
■ ObiWankilledbyDarthVader
■ DumbledorekilledbySnape(spoileralert)
■ GandalffallstotheBalrog
○ ***hewillreappear,smuggerandbossierthanever
■ ObiWanreturnsasaghosttotellLukeeverythingheshouldknow
■ DumbledoremeetsHarryinthe‘afterlife’afterHarry‘dies’
■ GandalfreturnsmorepowerfulasGandalftheWhite
● Mendlesohn:magicisametaphorforgrowthandtheprocessofconstantchange,andnegotiationwith
○ Oftenadulthoodisreducedtoamerematterofpower,disengagedfromemotionalmaturityof
● Averygoodman,butaverybadwizard?
○ ExamplesincludefromHarryPotter
○ Otherexamples:
■ VivifromtheFinalFantasy
■ Markl/MichaelfromHowl’sMovingCastle
■ DisneyMerlinfromTheSwordintheStone
■ GeniefromAladdin
■ CastielfromSupernatural

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11.2 Wizards Wonderful Rulers of Oz (cont.) ● Remember that the WWW fought Oz out of the West and made the Winkies her slaves  ○ Then Oz ruled over Emerald City where the people were afraid of him and thus promised to do  whatever he asked of them  ○ The WWE ruled over the Munchkins as slaves in the East  ● The Tin Man is made king over the Field­Mice after saving their queen  ○ Then the Winkies grow so fond of him they beg him to become their ruler after the WWW dies  ● The Scarecrow returns to Emerald City because Oz made him ruler and the people like him  ● The Lion is made king of the Hammer­Head lands and beasts  Build a Wizard ● Notable “popular” wizards include:  ○ Gandalf the Grey/White frLord of the Rings  ○ Albus Dumbledore fromHarry Potter  ○ Merlin the Magician of King Arthur’s court (numerous movies/shows)  ○ Obi­Wan Kenobi fromStar Wars  ○ Yoda fromStar Wars  ● A wizard is a mentor ­ someone who guides you and tells you what to do/instructs you; usually several  hundred years old; usually bossy, smug, tiresomely philosTGTF) l (​ ○ ***infuriating secretive about all­important facts   ■ Obi­Wan says nothing about Luke’s lineage (straight up lied to him about a lot of things)  ■ Dumbledore’s death was planned from the beginning  ■ Gandalf often rides off to do some side­questing  ○ ***you will unaccountably lose him  ■ Obi­Wan killed by Darth Vader  ■ Dumbledore killed by Snape (spoiler alert)  ■ Gandalf falls to the Balrog  ○ ***he will reappear, smugger and bossier than ever  ■ Obi­Wan returns as a ghost to tell Luke everything he should know  ■ Dumbledore meets Harry in the ‘afterlife’ after Harry ‘dies’  ■ Gandalf returns more powerful as Gandalf the White  ● Mendlesohn: magic is a metaphor for growth and the process of constant change, and negotiation with  that change is adolescence   ○ Often adulthood is reduced to a mere matter of power, disengaged from emotional maturity of 
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