lecture 3

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5 Oct 2011

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Son of a wealthy merchant and had a good formal education
Familiar with Latin and Greek
Thought he was better than the Ancients and Classics
Falls on the Ancients/ Classics side
Wanted to be the first in the English language
Wanted to compared to the Iliad and Odyssey
Always wanted to write an epic
Supported Cromwell
Support the execution of King James 1
Began to lose his eyesight
Had to go into hiding
Allowed him to come out of hiding
Thought to be a great piece of literature
P.L wrote in 1669, time of the Great Fire
There were lots of splits in the church
Then left the church, and felt that everyone should have their own spiritual path, and there
shouldn't be organized religion
He was Protestant, but not Presbyterian when he wrote the book
He was Presbyterian
Against organized institutions, such as government, which has control over large groups of people
Also supported the ideas of religion - a source of strength for the political power
Thought women were inferior to men - standard of the day
Although lower in station
Still should be respected
Disagrees with the fact that women should be blamed and distrusted
Thought there was value in the role of a wife and mother
The only reason at the time was because it wasn't consummated
He felt that if there wasn't any compatibility then you should divorce
Felt that people who complement each other should be together, enhance each other's
Liberal on the idea of divorce
You see his attitude towards race and women
He said they were incompatible
His wife left him, because she felt he was insufferable
Satan has been kicked out of heaven with his devils
He tells the rebels that they should bind together and try again
His humans
Corrupt God's good work
Begin to target earth, rather than heaven
Refers to Adam and Eve
Evokes a muse - every much a classical and ancient tradition
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Lecture 3 - 15/ 09
Wednesday, September 14, 2011
1:34 PM
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