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ENGC36H3 Lecture Notes - Mac Flecknoe

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Holly Luhning

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Dominant mode of discourse
Using irony to display the short comings of a contemporary issue or focusing on cultural, political,
philosophical institutions/ ideas
Affect social change by revealing short comings
Family Guy, Air Farce, punk music, etc.
Parody, lampoon, caricature, juxtaposition
i.e. American Psycho - exposing the narcissistic qualities of corporate America
Create humorous affect, but don't always have to be funny
Various elements used:
i.e. South Park getting threats from showing pictures of Mohammad
Has a reputation for causing controversy
Proposes that Irish families should sell their children to English families and cut them up for
food - started a discussion that he felt was being ignored
i.e Jonathan Swift's A Modest Proposal
Commonly interpreted as very serious, and mistaken as supporting the ideology rather than mocking it
Dryden points out that other satires don't have any bite
Draws on them and shows it off in his work
Classically educated
Did have popular following through his plays
They disagreed on many things - Dryden supported a comedy of wit where as Shadwell focused on
Wit meant particular things to D. in terms of satire - imagination, intelligence, original thought,
i.e Seinfeld, curb your enthusiasm
Wit was the #1 attribute that he felt was associated with comedy and needed to affect social
change in larger society
Specific characters, quirky characters, a more contained idea of comedies dealing with more
interpersonal relationships in order to entertain
Prior to restoration he worked for Cromwell, as was Shadwell
Shadwell was a big supporter of Ben Jonson (contemporary Shakespeare - very well regarded, a disciple
of Jonson)
When James became king he shifted again and became a Catholic and didn't flip again when
James was no longer king
Dryden flipped and became a monarchist and Stuart - supporting Charles
Shadwell was a Whig, or liberal
Dryden and Shadwell supported different political parties while both under Cromwell
Mac Flecknoe
Repetition - mocking the epic
His attributes are stupidity, bad writing, etc - stressing that Shadwell is not an effective writer
Tautology (line 30)
Used to stress and exaggerate the short comings of this "hero"
Prophet - having some sway or authority within society, having some insight that isn't common
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Lecture 4 - 20/09
Tuesday, September 20, 2011
10:38 AM
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