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lecture 5

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Word on the street - Queen's Park (Sunday; 12 - 5)
Background of the Poem
About 20 years after Charles had been restored to the thrown and while he was ill, wondering who
would take possession of the crown
People are constantly trying to manipulate power in order to have influence and control within the
Someone related to Paradise Lost
Who's going to be on the thrown
Things that worried people
She's from Spain
10yrs older than Henry
Marriage broke down
Finally became queen after Edward and Jane Grey died
Known as "Bloody Mary" because she killed all the Protestants
When she died there was lots of strategy as to who would take thrown
Had a daughter name Mary - very much Catholic and was very loyal to her mother
Married Catherine of Aragon
Her sister was Henry's mistress for a while
She wanted to start a new religion and step away from the corruption and allow
people their own autonomy and allow their own interpretation of the Bible
She was witty and didn't want to be just a mistress
At the time England was part of the Catholic Church and couldn't get an annulment from
Lots of corruption in the Church and the Bible was always interpreted by priest and bishops
because it was in Latin
Big reformation - although many elements
Henry became head of Church and State
Together they formed the Church of England (Anglican church)
Period of tumultuous change within the state
Dealt with a shift back to the Protestant religion
Managed to finally bring peace - known as the Golden Age
Time of Ben Johnson and Shakespeare
Had she married she'd have to make her husband King Region rather than King
Maintain power over the thrown by not marrying - known as the virgin queen
although lots of evidence of lovers
Because she never had kids the house of the Tudors died out
Had Elizabeth - very Anglican
Meets Anne Boleyn
Became king and was very ill for most of his life
Only on the thrown for about 7 years
Had Edward - also Protestant/ Anglican
Jane Seymour (4th wife)
Everyone wanted Mary to be queen, but she was Catholic and everyone knew she'd switch
everything back
Jane Grey was on the thrown for 9 days
Tudor - King Henry VIII
Lecture 5 - 22/09
Thursday, September 22, 2011
10:43 AM
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