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Lecture 14

Lecture 14 Notes

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Michael Wells

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Lecture 14
Man of Feeling – Profs paper
oI’m going to argue
Use of I
oDistinguish between terms
oCompare and contrast
oCheck papers online
oStart with author’s other works
oCompare with other author
oUp until this point, theres a very stable Gre at Britain
Even if theyre at war wit h France
Colonial world is being set up
oFrench Revolution***
Middle class demanding change
1789: stoning of Bastillemonarchy comes to an END for a while
Statue of Liberty present from France
oWanted America to split from England
France ran out of money (like Soviet Uni on)
Estates general mystical body in France (1614)
Like House of commons, Senate
Everyt hing split in estates
o1) Clergy
o2) Gentry
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