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Lecture 16

Lecture 16 Notes

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Michael Wells

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Lecture 16
Final paper: two scholarly papersuse sources as references
oFinish outline
Secresy: what is the secret?
oSibellas pregnancy
3 people are taken unaware by this
Montgomery (eventually marries Mrs. Ashburn)
Caroline Ashburn
o A bit naïve in some of the things she believes
oP. 139: vol 2; first letter
Secret does not equal reason
Secret means withholding information
Imperfect picture of information presented to the public
Different readings of the same story – no central narrator that we can
Montgomery – selfish (no sense of fellow feeling)
oNo main moral message
Surface appearances – how Caroline is presented in public vs. through letters
Filmar wont marry Sibella because
oHe doesnt want to be responsible for her illegitimate child
oHe thought she was submissive but shes not
Filmar is part of the broken gentry (doesnt want a job)
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