ENGC39H3 Lecture Notes - Marketing Strategy, Public Speaking, Encomium

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Published on 30 Jan 2013
ENGC39 7
Title Page:
o Required Reading, moral value “necessary to be read”
o Correct errors
o Implies shame, the “Apology
o Parody of the biography of Colley Cibber
o The author: Conny Keyber
Not even Fielding publishing it anonymously, but under a pseudonym
Conyer Middleton and Colley Cibber
Conney, double entendre: smutty term for vagina
o The mention of the young politician
Pamela was servant who attracts the attention of her master
He tries to rape her several times, she refuses until they get married
So she climbed the social ladder
Which implies that she could have been scheming to raise her status in
the first place, which is where Fielding takes Shamela
Also a reference to the relationship Cibber has with Robert Walpole
o The authentic papers, real letters
Keeps with Pamela, Richardson publishes it and presents self as editor that had
received these real papers
o NOTE: this is a form of paratext
First in long line of parodies of Pamela
o Because it was seriously really popular
o Like the Twilight of our times
Criticized as
o Too moralistic
o Pamela seemed too good to be true
o “sly minx” less innocent than she appears
o The question of what an exemplary woman is and if Pamela is one
o Richardson presents text as instable
Points of instability are openings for responses, and other takes
People took that on as project
All this merchandise and satirical material
o Questions with the success of Pamela:
The idea that the attempted rape of this woman carried such cultural intention
Suggests that this issue was of public concern to a lot of people
The regulation of women‟s behaviour and bodies
A lot of this was in novel-reading
The effect of novel-reading on young women, their fragile
impressionable minds
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