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ENGC39H3 Lecture Notes - Picturesque, Tyrant, Heteroglossia

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Anne Milne

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ENGC39 14 A Sicilian Romance
Final Exam Vocab Terms:
Gothic/female gothic
Explained supernatural
Imaginary geography
There will be a list of other terms published prior to the exam
Elements of the Novel in A Sicilian Romance:
Focus is on Julia
3rd person omniscient
o Intrusive?
o Reliable?
Frame narrative?
Gothic, sublime, Picturesque
o atmosphere
Italy, Imaginary Geography
o place
Anti-Catholic, Companionate marriage
o Like Joseph and Fanny from Joseph Andrews
o In ASR, we have Julia and Hippolitus
o In ASL, in terms of affection narrative, Yorick interested in companionship, but other
wondering about shop women, he doesn‟t talk very much about marriage
Character development:
o Everyone still kind of stuck in their bubble by the end of the novel
o Julia does experience the world, but her eyes aren‟t opened or anything
Same with everyone:
Amelia still stuck at home, has no urge to experience the world
o Characters that offer us a little more roundness, but not really any development that
modern readers expect
o In Emma Courtney, excess amount of thought
o Signs of real character development in Emma
Plot, action, conflict, resolution:
o May be its saving grace, that things actually happen in this novel
o Radcliffe is attentive to action
o Structure:
o Plot:
Courtship story
Mystery of castle
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