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Lecture 3

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Michael Wells

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Lecture 3
1700s Pamela epistolary fiction (story told in letters)
oForm didactic nature (Is Pamela really virtuous?)
oClass spoke to new class, values
Johnson, Samuel (Rambler)
oGood models of virtue are useful to us
oVice must always disgust raise hatred
Clarissa (by Richardson – written after Pamela)
oImitation is important
oInstructional value in novels
Novels are lifelike, but not rooted in history
Michael McKean
oQuestions of virtue
oQuestions of truth See reference A Million Little Lies book advertised as true
story that turned out to be fiction
What is true, how important is the truth?
Richardson as a preacher
oNo classical education he was not well learned
oInterested in instructional work
Pamela, Clarissa
Four different letter writers
Pamela letters and journals
oLetters have a sense of immediacy writing to the moment
oPlays with time always writes AFTER the even happens
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