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Lecture 6

Lecture 6

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Michael Wells

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Lecture 6
Does Richardson live up to his bragging about Pamela?
oTruth letter form
oSince Pamela is writing after the fact, its still immediate and she just reports no time to
reflect upon it herself
Richardson claims that the letters are instructive
oPsalms oh, theyre so true comments of character
Like theyre trying to tell the audience
Mr. B thinks its a comedy (by Shakespeares definition)
oPamela thinks its a tragedy
The letter format gives an isolation cant see other perspective
oThis is why Mr. B wants access to her letters when he gets them, things turn for the
Mr. B offers everything but marriage
After wedding
oPamela doesnt have correct “exchange value to be Mrs. B
Mr. B cant impose a chastity hes been with other others
oWe have to find a sort of virtue for him
Pamela virginity really does equal virtue
oMr. B can still be virtuous without being a virgin
How does Richardson do this?
Pamelas preparation for high-life
Lady Davers appears around p. 300 references
oShe thinks its a sham marriage
Is she doing good? by stopping sham marriage
Or bad? by stopping proper marriage
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