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27 Apr 2011
Tutorial 3
Feb. 2, 2011
Representation: Signs
Create a meaning, message
Eltons baby magazine cover-> trying to represent: - accepting gay marriages->
cannot have babies on their own
What does it make it comfortable-> jolly, happy, happy family
Adopt from what you see, not something written on the cover, not labeling
Nature of family-> fatherhood, not typical-> emotional, dual parental role opposed to
Us Weekly magazine-> majority people, normalizing the relationship
Forces idea of sexual relationships
Legitimizing it
freak show- on cover, with other topics such as plastic surgery, breakups, weight
No title on the gay couple, therefore respecting them a bit
Controversial-> some parts in the States-> blocked the magazines cover
Next Assignment- Feb 10, 2011
Get rid of academic personality
Personal experience- openly about yourself-> open a larger critical expression->
Uses personal anecdote own experience and why is it relevant.
How to use ethos, not glorifying, look how small minded she was.-> being honest
No one truth- own bias. -> historical problems, Im just another perspective->
understanding the points of history, awareness doesnt mean the historical meaning
is worthless.
No truly specific topic.
Do not talk about your technological experiences
Write an essay all about technology- something significant to our lives. Choose one
specific anecdote major obstacle, detailed story-> the hook to launch to the
academic elements-> evidence, analysis of the evidence
Three other quotations-> better if you find articles elsewhere
Online quotations-> find background evidence- know what the person is talking
Choose quotations that act as a conversation-> weave into your conversation, how it
relates to your argument.
Find quotes that can be a counter argument- Makes it stronger
Saying what they want them to say<- quote
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