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lecture 3

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Andrew Du Bois

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The second coming
Flacon - falconer
Second Coming
Chaos and turmoil
Jesus - the Second Coming
Sphinx - lion body and head of a man
Imagery of different religious icons
Second stanza - hope arises
Blank and pitiless - echoing the first stanza's bleak imagery
In the holiest of places a beast will be born
Juxtaposition of a rough beast to be born in Bethlehem
Cataclysmic shifts
Political and apocalyptic
Speaks to the fact that he pulls from different places and origins
The title resonates in Christian and Biblical literature
As one period draws to a close the other one is just beginning, but they overlap
Creating an image out of this belief system
Gyre - has a idiosyncratic belief that air shifts
The flacon is a violent bird, has control
People tend to get caught up in events, and end up feeling hopeless/ helpless
Caught up in ideology
Lack conviction because they are set on one idea, and everything has to conform to that
one idea
They don't know the answer and that's why they lack all conviction
"The best lack all conviction, while the worst/ Are full of passionate intensity".
Repetition gives this apocalyptic feeling
Reversing his stance
We are in a situation which is inhospitable to humans
Ending in a situation which is the same as the poet's - we don't know what the answer is
Ends with a question
Leda and the Swan
Speaking to sublimity or horrible beauty
Strange situation, strange
He doesn't care about her well being, just like when humans are caught up in great
historical movements
In one's encounter with a power bigger than ourselves, do we no take on some of their
knowledge, power, force that is associated with that great power?
Zeus being a swan as a representation of power
A prayer for my daughter
A new father who is experiencing some gloom
Recent birth of a child
His child
Nativity poem, to a certain extent, but this is not a celebration
Lecture 3 - 16/09
Friday, September 16, 2011
1:35 PM
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