ENGC47H3 Lecture Notes - Sprezzatura, Elegy

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Published on 5 Oct 2011
Read head notes about the authors of the poems to get background information
Writes in a variety
Fragmented period, philosophical ideas, different genres
But still have constant themes - the sublime
When You Are Old
Still have the symbols of beauty and time
The muse is no longer symbolic
Questions of time, and the relationship to Beauty - something that will never fade
Yeats is skeptical of eternal beauty - non-human
A place where human time is at the forefront, while beauty is still of value
Thematic connection between this and " To the Rose Upon the Rood of Time"
The tone has stepped away from the generalization of "Rood of Time"
The muse is not an abstraction or a symbol
Low poem
This poem acknowledges the fact that beauty will fade
More personal and intimate conversation
Song-like beauty, Solomon's
Portraits - the void of not being able to analyze the face
Correlation to lines in brush strokes, lines in a face, and lines in a poem
The hidden beauty
Comparing the sublimity of God's beauty
Even if unknown, you still see the intimacy
All rely on their muse - a real person
Already contains the future to the Reader
Love will flee - less love in your life
Beauty will change - you're eyesight will fade, and although you want to read the poem, her
love is unrequited
Currently not responding to his love, but she won't realize that until later, although he
accepts that fate
Asymmetrical warfare
Becoming sad, without him
Through the magic of these lines, this poem will contain your future
Weirdly prophetic
Attending to depths and surfaces at the same time
A poem is surface - rhythms, sounds, lines
But depth in the hidden meaning
The invocation of her "pilgrim soul" is representative of something is beyond the surface
But begins to develop it
In "Rood of Time" he's still on the surface in describing beauty
Slight passion-aggression
Adam's Curse
One was beautiful and he wasn't in love with her
The other had internal beauty and was in love with her
There's a triangle of three people
Lecture 2 - 14/09
Wednesday, September 14, 2011
8:59 AM
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