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Lecture 7

ENGC47H3 Lecture Notes - Lecture 7: Quatrain

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Andrew Du Bois

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Architecture of the poem
Form - sonnet, quatrain, etc. - general ways of structure
Are they resolved?
What is being communicated?
Ambiguities, conflicts, take away points of the poem
Stein - eggs (184; from tender buttons); Preciosilla (p186)
Frost - unharvested ; the most of (223)
No need for secondary sources
Pick one poem (Due: Oct 12)
Provide, Provide
Relating the end to the repetition in the title
Make a lot of money
Like "out, out" - provide and work for your family
Like "the road not taken" has a take away message
One of the first poets who was well known for giving poetry readings
Yoking together this once beautiful woman from the Bible - which was the equivalent to a star, who is
now a hag and has to do rough work
Beauty is preserved from dying early
If it is predestined you really don't know what will happen
You don't get to make up your mind if you die in state (with a lot of money)
Knowledge and truth are values, and are superior
Dying dignified - has lots of knowledge and believes in the truth, but you should have lots of friends by
your side and that's only possible when you're rich
Two tramps in Mud Time
Second stanza - spent
Economic language in the poem
Where love and need unite give justification
The need of being versed in country things
Being absorbed in everyday life and country work
Poetic verse as well as the need to know about country things
Starts off with a vignette
Rarely see something burned out in the city, once it is destroyed it's replaced by something new
Who made all these things? Grand design or just came up?
Moth is traditionally associated with death
A spider is associated with something spooky, if not death
Home Burial
Feels like it's been acted out before, but doesn't seem resolved
Sadness, concern, and evolves to anger
Different attitudes that the man displays for the wife
Gets defensive and begins to critique her way of mourning
Gender critique
Lecture 7 - 03/10
Monday, October 03, 2011
9:11 AM
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