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Lecture 8

ENGC47H3 Lecture Notes - Lecture 8: Schadenfreude, Elegy, Free Verse

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Andrew Du Bois

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Home burial
The husband is analogues to the situation and is a reader - having to interpret the actions of his
The interpretive work that goes into the drama
Frost gives direction
Both a straight forward analysis of the drama but also practically staged
Imagining situation that are outside of the story and map it in one way or another
Sometimes the piece is too "tidy" - we can sum it up and paraphrase it
But take the husband as an interpreter - reading into the silence and the actions
Literature or poems try to present "an equipment" for living
Begins with a question, leaving us with uncertainty
We are in the same position as the Private, not knowing
Create order
Repetition - military song
Asserts the hierarchy - someone is in charge of you is built into the poem
Someone lower down has to answer to someone above
Question and answer dynamic
Even though there is a hierarchy they use the same dialect
Dropping the "H"s - not an aristocrat
They’ve been called to witness an execution that has a purpose - order must be maintained
The tone doesn't appear to be either jingoistic or melancholy
There's a son, but he's the only son
The clerk
Civilians - affected without fighting
Statesmen - calls everyone to war
Women - also dying along side men
Shows range of suffering
The dead get to speak for themselves rather than spoken about in a distant position - self elegies
Mixed with the elegy and epitaph
Also epigrammatic - small take away moments
Each epitaph has its own order, although they don't seem to fall into a broader category
Underneath the order you feel distanced
Unsettling - ironic relationship
Although parts rhyme, you get a sense of disorder
Formal poems
Robinson (163)
Taking pleasure in the suffering of others (schadenfreude)
We look at the person who is higher in economic status to us - higher in the hierarchy
Manifested in the diction - not very ornamental issue
Appears ordinary
The man who should be happy is the least happy, but we don't know if he's unhappy for a long time
Working in the east - plain spokeness - like Frost's diction
He's really being watched
Lecture 8
Wednesday, October 05, 2011
9:09 AM
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