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ENGC51H3 Lecture Notes - Hassan I Of Morocco, Woman At Point Zero, Jannah

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Maria Assif

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Woman At Point Zero
Saadawi fascination with killer
Killing as an act, what makes her interested?
First 10 pages, fascination with women in prison
Symbol of prison: entrapment
Neurosis- women that were traumatized—her fascination, how does Firdaus fit
that agenda?
Is Firdaus apart o 20 women, or not? How does this fit her research, and
attachment and detachment as subject?
To what extent can we trust Nawal Saadawi as a narrator?
Does Nawal Saadawi see herself in Firdaus?
Firdaus victim, but also person who dictates how her story will be told.
Nawaal Saadawi victim of circumcision and so is Firdaus
Eye symbol-
Names symbolism- Bayoumi (common Egyptian name),
Diae (friend/client of Firdaus, means light in Arabic or englightens
something. He was the light bulb in her life.),
Maizouk (somebody who has enough money, but is also blessed to have
enough money in his life). He gets money haram way through pimping,
God doesn’t give him the money,
Iqbal: mother figure to Firdaus she is the teacher. Ambiguous love
relationship, only person who doesn’t abandon Firdaus. Acceptance is
what her name means in Arabic, is it synonymous with how Firdaus is , or
accepting of the fact that she has problems in her life, but has potential.
She accepted her and suddenly she disappears without much detail, part
of acceptance.
Sharifa: Arabic name means honoured. She is most ironic character. She
was traumatised by men, but is well off and is content. Success story of
prostitute. She has power struggle with men, gets raped when someone
tries to take Firdaus after her.
Firdaus- her name is highest part of jannah
Nile- always there. Whether she was raped, traumatized or having fun in
her new life. The Nile is a constant. It is the longest running river. It is a
symbol of Egypt, no matter what happens in Egypt, Egypt will always stay
the same, integral picture and serene landscape.
Animal Imagery- insects, Always refers to herself or someone else as
being an insect. Belittling type of self-esteem. Passing of her siblings as
little chicks. Chicks die young and there is many of them.
Gaps in the Narrative- things we wished we knew more about, but we do
not. Cairo is the American dream for Firdaus. In Cairo she meets
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