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Tuesday March 11- Arab poetry.docx

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Maria Assif

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Tuesday March 11, 2014- Arab Poetry
Etel Adnan- post war of Lebanon, her work. Very good and old Arab-American
Artistic production and performance is all that she felt she could do. Her poetry is
about embracing chaos as part of reality
My body is not your battleground- About triumph and battle, she is not about
loss and defiance, she wants to avoid being pigeonholed somewhere.
Does not want to be stereotyped. Search for freedom and declaration of
subjectivity. My breasts do not want to leave revolutions, she is claiming
them. They are hers and she is free to do anything, she does not want to
have a label on them. Someone claiming her own entity, as a symbol of
her own freedom.
Using religious terminology to talk about something personal, religious vs.
secular. Private vs.comunal-past/present.
Her body is not a war, does not want it to be a subject of the debate.
Notice her duality- hair is centre of discussion, draws back automatically not as
important because there are political and economical issues.
Presents different voices within the same—contradictions? But
Romanticizes about the hair-something beautiful she wants to delight in it-
masculine image, used from a female perspective.
Last stanza, confrontational type of dialogue. Uses image of transgressions, using
it as an excuse to get control of my body and do things I do not allow.
Has frustration apart of it, but also something romantic about it.
Enjoy reality of having dual nationality- they take in both.
Suheir Hammad
She always connects everyone-makes it universal
Creating dichotomy something pleasant and unpleasant, local vs. universal
Universal and human emotions- Naomi Shihab Nye’s poem
Uniqueness of her metaphors- go between palpable and humanizing
Takes mundane things to things out fo the ordinary
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