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ENGC51H3 Lecture Notes - Arab Americans, The Book Of Lost Tales

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Maria Assif

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March 18, 2014- Map of Home
1. Identification of passages- Midterm. Multiple Choice Questions- a, b, c,
d 10 passages to identify, 2 points each.
2. Part two: Answer questions related to text, authors or field, also multiple
choice questions 5 of them 4 points each. Related to bios of authors, fields
(Arab Canadian, Arab American, Egypt writers) or historical body of
3. Essay Question- 60 points- 3 options/4. 5 points introduction, 5 points,
conclusion, 30 points-
4. Bonus section is 5 points, 5 questions, no multiple choice either know it
or not. Arabic Synonyms, also periods- Al-Nahda- literary period
1. This writer is known to be the mother of “mystical” (spiritual)- Rabbia Al
2. She is the founding mother of Arab Free Verbs- Al Malaikah
3. Two of these authors are still alive: Adnan and Nye
4. Out of these authors who lived in atleast three countries? Randa Jarar-
Kuwait, Lebanon and Egypt
5. Al Nahda- Arab literary renaissance moment for Arabs, moving to the west
and coming back, moved to France Egyptian ones went to france came
back, Lebanese went to U.S and did not come back, constructed Arab
American literature. Al-Mahjar- Arab American literature
Map of Home-
Symbolism- Map and Home.
She originally comes from mixed origin- belonging and finding a home
Personal narrative is almost un-detachable from her families narrative
Names are symbolic- Nidali- Nidal- mean struggle with Nidali- “my
Wahid Syed Ammar- Wahid means alone and also lonely, even when
with others. Name is symbolic of how he feels, he feels alone and
bitterness when with family and not belonging, more so when he felt lonely
in the U.S. assimilate to their culture/tradition. Father is not happy.
Reasons behind misery- failed poet. Chose to be an architect out of
support for family.
Syed- name means happy. Incarnation of that failure- Nidali. Struggles
with Jordanian passport also Palestinian history. History of displacement-
gulf Arab war, Palestinians kicked out of Kuwait because they were in
support of Iraq.
Ammar- palenstinian name. Late president Amar Arafat governing
Palestinian. Figure of Wahid is a symbolic case, ambiguity of what he
wants from Nidal. Many palenstinians, ones in political sphere, are
critiqued for what they want peace relationship or war one- flunctuation, he
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