ENGC51H3 Lecture Notes - Westernization

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27 Nov 2011

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Oct 3, 2011
Burned Alive (Continuation)
Omission – due to memory, trauma, but also due to Westernization
Emphasis on the fact that the young doctor had Western values which is fortunate –
caught in between two worlds
Idea of beauty
She had criteria for beauty – thin, beauty, work, marriage are inter-related
Souad is centered around hard work, physical beauty and marriage
(In her later life) She perceived beauty in those women who were open about the
way they carried themselves – if they revealed a lot
Her marriage is confusing
Doesn't question why he's in love with her
Souad is still obsessed about other's recognition of her
How the daughters are trying to get recognition from Maraoun
More of a follower rather than somebody who initiates
Following Antonio – waiting 7 years to marry
Reflected in her relationship with Faiyaz
Doesn't feel like it's her right to deserve a healthy relationship
Foster Parents
Never questioned her foster parents when they told her not to focus on her own son too
Not logical for to officially adopt him
Never questions why they only took her in for 5 years
Why aren't there details on them – maybe they never existed
What matter to her is the objective of the relationship
Linguistic Ability
Incompetent at home
In Switzerland, it's only an extension of her superficial basic abilities
Lack of communication with the world and the outside world
Never able to specifically come to terms with her emotions
There's a patriarchal figure still guiding the women – Maraoun disciplining the girls when he
moves in with them.
Campus Display – (20% of overall grade)
1900s to 1950s – when the novels were published
2) Introduction
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