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Maria Assif

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Oct 24, 2011
Arab Women Writers Lecture
A Map of Home
Title as a symbol
(Pg 193) Passage
The map sort of restricts her and erasing the borders of it shows that she's free and
doesn't have to take on or adhere to identity of her father.
Being the agent of her own identity as well as the outcome of how others perceive her
So the map is designed by her and the external world.
There is in fact no map because people keep moving
She's building this map out of her memory – there's no real visual aspect to the map
She's trying to get closer to Palestinian root but also at the same time trying to detach
Bruises of her beatings – she will always remember the weight of the relationship between
her and her father.
Sexuality & Mapping
Sexual boundaries
Mapping and the body
Sexuality is a page of her life that nobody (especially her parents) will not know of –
it's something that's her own – her own sexual adventure.
But then again, not all these encounters are positive
There's also a bi t of bitterness after some of the encounters
There is not just one map but a multiplicity of maps – Mom and Dad each try to trace their
own map
This novel takes the coming of age to a new genre
Palestinians are also coming of age – growing
Parents are doing the same
How is Arab a narrative?
Does the setting have to be in an Arab country?
Use Arab names?
Parents Relationship
They can't agree on how they met
Commitment to each other mediated by their failed artistry
What really brings them together though?
Shared memories
Nidali as center of attention – so no time to focus on their own problems
Also a statement of the value of the culture – cultural value
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