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Lecture 8

lecture 8

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Natalie Rose

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Rich "Diving into the Wreck"
Plays with the dangerousness of talking back and quoting male voices
Danger of sleeping with monsters
Political mothers and political women across time
This is more mythic
A single speaker, we like to identify them with the poet
More cohesive
Goes somewhere - towards some kind of epiphanic revelation
Contains a narrative
Connected to the idea of a lyric
Stress on having to be self-reliant
Sets up a quest - the lone, isolated hero
Individualized female heroism
"here alone" (12)
Going to uncover truth and uses the "book of myths" to compare it to
Gives another lens - viewpoint
Takes a fixed view
The camera is their way of recording evidence
Possible danger?
Falic object
Metaphorically cutting through the truth
Knife-blade is used for protection? Defensive weapon? Testing of truth?
The camera and the knife take on residence, depending on how we interpret the "book of myths"
which is repeated in the beginning, middle and end
Camera and knife are used as tools in order to understand the world that are of no use under the
In Homer's Odyssey there's a long description of the armour and everything that is taken
with them
Version of the "hero's army" on a quest
"the book of myths", "the camera," the knife-blade (1-3)
Discrepancy between shining armour and black rubber
"body-armour of black rubber" (5)
Yet everyone reads it as if the speaker is a woman
Some critics stress the androgyny of the speaker
Gendered in many different ways
The speaker is not gendered
Meaning has to do with internal and external clues (either biographical or racial clues)
The poem comes freighted that it's metaphorical, but doesn't tell explicitly what it is
Stressed that the speaker is here, dying alone
They can descend into the underworld for a short period of time, but then they reascend
Significant difference in the quest
Wildness and unknown territory of the ocean
Diving in rather than striving up for some conquest
"Diving in" literally
The sea then becomes a metaphor for oneself
Self - exploration
Quest of self-discovery
Lecture 8
Wednesday, October 05, 2011
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