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Lecture 5

ENGC69 Lecture 5: 3.2 Revolution Gothic Boom

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Sonja Nikkila

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3.2 Origins: Revolution & The Gothic Boom
Background: Revolution vs. Gothic
● classdivideandhierarchy;TheFrenchRevolutionistheapocalypseforthesepeople
○ changesallofEurope;concernwithhierarchyaretheseedsthatbegintheoppressedclasses
● artreflectslife(viceversa):reflectionnevergoesoneway;itgoestwoways
○ thewayweunderstandrealityisfilteredthroughthewayweunderstandstories
○ gothicliterature&therevolutionreflecteachother(questionofwhatisrealandwhatis
The Gothic Boom
● AnnRadcliffewasaverybiggothicwriterduringthisboom
○ born1764bornthesameyearasthegothictradition
● Udolpho
○ awarenessofsomethinginfluentialcanstillbemaligned(itcanbebothgoodandbad)
○ theworkdoesagreatjobofaccessingthehybridvigourwasahorrornovelandanovelof
○ horror=radicalrevolutionvs.sentiment=reactionaryresponse
○ educationonhowtocontrolfeelingandsensibility
The French Revolution
● afterthisinitialrevolution,Francewentfewabunchmoresmalleruprisings(aftershocks)
○ bigrevolutiondestabilizedthegroundenoughtoshakeuptherestofEurope
● 1789theStormingoftheBastille
○ usedtobeapalacebutthenconvertedtoaprison;thepeoplestormedthecastleandreleased
○ dawnorduskquestionofTheDemolitionoftheBastille
■ fireandfiguresdancinghellishmotif
■ firecouldalsomeanpuritytheypurifythesicknessbydestroyingthebuilding(gold
■ istheBastilleactuallybeingdemolished?it’sstillhugeandmassiveandimposing
● 1792TheSeptemberMassacres
○ prisonsreconverted;hysteriaofthecounterrevolution
○ massacreofthehigherclass/aristocratprisoners(thousandskilled);alotofthemwere
● 1793/94TheReignofTerror
○ theyearKingLouisdied
○ informingontheneighboursasbeingspiesorcounterspieswascommon
○ goingouttowatchexecutions;dismembered,dyingbodieseverywhere(sensationalizeddeath)
● 1794Robespierreisexecuted
○ Robespierrewasthemanbehindthereignofterror
● 1788GothicliteraturewasbecomingpopularbeforetheRevolution(couldhavebeeninfluencedby
● ArrestofLouisXIV&HisFamily
○ queenandchildrenareshoweredinlightpurity/heavenly(teachesushowtofeel)

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3.2 Origins: Revolution The Gothic Boom Background: Revolution vs. Gothic class divide and hierarchy The French Revolution is the apocalypse for these people changes all of Europe concern with hierarchy are the seeds that begin the oppressed classes rising up art reflects life (vice versa): reflection never goes one way it goes two ways the way we understand reality is filtered through the way we understand stories gothic literature the revolution reflect each other (question of what is real and what is influenced by fiction) The Gothic Boom Ann Radcliffe was a very big gothic writer during this boom born 1764 born the same year as the gothic tradition Udolpho was a must anyone who called themselves a reader had to have read this book awareness of something influential can still be maligned (it can be both good and bad) the work does a great job of accessing the hybrid vigour was a horror novel and a novel of sentiment horror = radical revolution vs. sentiment = reactionary response education on how to control feeling and sensibility The French Revolution after this initial revolution, France went few a bunch more smaller uprisings (aftershocks) big revolution destabilized the ground enough to shake up the rest of
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