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Julius Caesar

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➢ Richard III – Read up to end ofAct II ➢ Midterm test – Responsible for everything uptil Richard III, end ofAct II ➢ Julius Caesar  MarcAnthony only speaks a few lines so no sense of his ethics, personality but all that changes inAct III when he comes to dominate much of the play  He says he is no "orator" like Bruce – he will outspeak Bruce which is evident via is funeral speech. His irony has an energizing effect on the hearers  Focus onAnthony and understanding his character  Language is crucial in getting power  ➢ Act 3.1 Line 148  After they kill Caesar what do they do?  Then Anthony comes in (who is very close to Caesar) and he doesn't just say "listen to what I have to say", he goes right for Caesar's body which is laying on the ground  What is Anthony doing? Why does he enter this way and go immediately to the body rather than the conspirators? Why say "I know not what you intend gentleman" • Why does he say " I do not know gentleman what you intend" – should this be read slowly or angrily  Speech is so carefully contrived, he juxtaposes the god-like once living Caesar with the dead man lying on the ground  All these accomplishments and greatness is reduced to nothing  "The letting of blood" – was an essential part of healing the body especially when one is sick – so purging the human body of any disease – but in the play's context, it is equated to the body of the nation/body of the commonwealth (Body of Rome/Body of Caesar)  Idea of removing the sword from the diseased blood and dipping it into pure blood. The idea is alchemical in nature  Parallelism in the language helps explain the
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