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Lecture 4

Lecture 4 Notes

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Rebecca Wiseman

Lecture 4 Modes of persuasion part 2Being movedThe allegiances of commonersHomosocial bondsTroub articlecoursepack Logosethospathosimportant more in acts 3 and 4o Act 3Caesar rejects the soothsayer like he rejects his own wifes warningsEthos problemsoothsayer doesnt have personal credibility y Calpurnia is a womanprone to irrational fear o He thinks shes not motivated by logic and is thus untrustworthyCaesar talks about how he sees himself lines 35 onward o Establishes himself as someone who is not persuaded easily o Lines 60the only star that doesnt movehes consistent in his attitudes o Unmoveableunpersuadable emotionally stableunmovedMany definitions of movePersuasion always a means to an endpart of a strategy for a goalbut here its for deceitpersuasion for opportunity to kill Caesarpersuasion is tainted for the first timeEveryone kneelskneeling as new persuasive tool for men o But here their kneeling is a means for a different endsAntony gets his servant to kneel and make this speech about his loyalty to Brutus but he sends someone rather than coming himself o Kneeling is no longer a sincere form of pe
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