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Lecture 6

Lecture 6 Notes

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Rebecca Wiseman

Lecture 6 1367Richard II born1377RII ascends to throne1388Merciless parliament1399RII Deposed Castons articlehistory of printing and printing of history were interrelated o Printed books were more readily available What to write aboutelites vs commonersTwo different types of traditionsShakespeare tried to addressboth the elites and the commonersNo single caste but different castes When writing history they tried to determine what England was o History tried to define a notionShakespeare rewrote history to give more coherencesmoothed over complicated eventshe doesnt go for precise historyhe takes source material and makes artificial historyhe was a dramatist not a historianThe gentre of history was for entertainment stnd 1 tetrology has events after the 2 tetrology o People are passive in fate nd 2 tetrology o People shape their own destinies and historical events activeJulius Caesar was about Rometo Shakespeare it was far awaynot ancestors to his contemporariesnot about England even if there were similar
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