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Lecture 11

Lecture 11 Notes

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Rebecca Wiseman

Lecture 11 1 Prince Harys evolution2 Falstaff on the battlefield3 Hotspur4 Imposter kings Different types of fatherschosen vs naturalTypes of speechlanguageDiversity of English nationPrince Harrys transformationFalstaff outside his tavern elementhes on the battlefield nowWhat good does Hotspurs chivalry do himImposter kingspeople pretending to be kings on the battlefieldPlay is part of a longer set of 2 playsno sense of closure here because its first of two playsAct 5 opening o Harry and his father speak differently o King Henry is a harsher father than Falstaff o The sun represents kingshipbut he looks at the sun and sees himself but it looks bloody o Maybe the sun represents the people theyre going to defeat not themselves o The way in which Henry and his son interactSomething new happens in Act 5King Henry doesnt talk down to his son anymore o Falstaff suddenly speakstwo worlds collide tavern and war o Worcester says he didnt want rebellion but that he had no choice o When Falstaff enters the world of the court hes an impedi
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