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Lecture 14

Lecture 14 Notes

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Rebecca Wiseman

Lecture 14 Introduction to 2 Henry IVHals New ChallengeDisease and rebellionAct 1Papers Read intro for 2 Henry IVHumoursmoods whims o Whims antics of John FalstaffEarly Modern notion of 4 humoursforces inside the bodyregulated moodslinked to health wellbeingLord Chamberlains Menacting company o Play printed after it was acted outWhy are there two parts of this play o Because there was too much material o Because the first play was so popular and there was demand for itMore common charactersfor comic reliefthey speak in prose not poetry o Poetry for court o Prose for tavernProse is more difficult because there are more pop culture references o Comedic play more interested in roles of lowclassHal still has tavern world but he doesnt go as muchhes more towards the court now o Lots of time and space in the tavern but its cut off from Hal o Hes proven to be a good son but can he be a good rulerChivalrous on battlefield but what about on the courtThats the new challengebut the
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