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Lecture 21 Notes

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Rebecca Wiseman

Lecture 21 1 dramatic irony and he chorus act 22 Harry and play3 Deaths and just deserts4 French views of HarryHarry only emotionally attached to war after the tennis balls cameoffended but played alongsame enjoying attitudeHow Harry and Dauphin interactagonisticseeking same thingrivals chivalry has fallen from courage and bravery rplaced by ambitions of sexual supremacy and ownershipbecome comicaldebasedThe war as a good thing to purge destructive energiesAct 2 chorus o Different tonegoalsinterest in dramatic irony o How it compares to prologue o No beating around the bushhere theres spoiler alert tells us whats happening o Lots of seasickness jokesit may be rockyto give sense of seaWe have to returned Globe theater can shift from England to Francegoes along with our own creative jobwe have to use our imaginationsChivalry is debasedfight about a womans sexual bodyAct 2 scene 2 o Pistol and Nims rivalry o Line 73the boy comes in telling them to go there his master Falstaff calls o The hostess believes Falstaff is dying because Harry has rejected himForeign wars as binding a nation
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