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Lecture 16

Lecture 16 Notes

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Rebecca Wiseman

Lecture 16 1 humoural theory and Falstaff2 Harrys Decline Hals Ambition3 Rationalizing rebellion 1653 text humoural theory still persisted thenHal as sanguineorders a small beerActor for Hotspur matched choleric descriptionArguing that the black bile substance contains the melancholyFalstaff means member of royal family Prince JohnFalsfaff doesnt treat him with reverenceJohn as antiHal no wine Falstaffs speechhe makes connection between what you eat and how your disposition issuggests that without alcohol youre weakeven progeny would be females weakFalstaff says alcohol elevates dispositionwithout it were foolsironic because Falstaff is seen as a foolFalstaff mocks medical discourse about the effects of foodSherryFalstaff talks about lives how it affects the humoursliver that produce the biletalks about all the powers of alcohol offersSays that valiance was gained from drinkhes phlegmatic like his dad by nature but alcohol is what makes him hot and valiantcholericDrinking allows his humour balance to changeThis speech is comedicnot meant to be taken seriously but in handout its seriousIronic that Hal asks for small beer not sherrysuggest he wants to abstain
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