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Lecture 17

Lecture 17 Notes

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Rebecca Wiseman

Lecture 17 Falstaff and Fantasy o Falstaff not aware of fact that Hal is goneThis is the first act where we see Henry VPost Henry IV o Shallows houselike a taverndrinking happens here o Falstaffwitness conversation between Shallow and Davieconversation about what to serve for dinnerFalstaff thinks this is flawed model for relationship of employeremployee o wild geesegeese werent considered the noblest creaturesthey just flock aboutnot a compliment o Idea that people you spend time with influence who you are o Friends qualities are contagious o Hal moving subtly towards FalstaffOn it is much that ache on his shouldersFalstaffSomeone not burdened with responsibilitiestheyre easy to amuse themhe says Hal is like that o ironic because Hal is actually burdened by kingshiptheyll never be in a happy scene togetherFalstaff has no idea that the relationship is donegives us model of rulershipKingship and appearance o Scene 2 act 5 o He can tell hes truly upset o Enter Harry as kingobserves how everyone is actinghe assumes that hes not a Turkish k
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