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Lecture 20

Lecture 20 Notes

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Rebecca Wiseman

Lecture 20 Hal still maintains jestplayful nature but its adapted to suit his role as kingAt the time Earl of Essex was working on invading IrelandThis play puts arguments foragainst expansion of nationMore about diversityethniclots of accentsdialectstheres still communicationCalls himself Harry now not Halwooing France princessPossibility of united EnglandLast play of second tetrologyHenry V uses some of the language Richard II usetrying to manipulate language for political endsPlay offers answers to some of the questions Richard II asksDo we support Harry as a king What makes him betterworse than past kingsis he a justifiable kingPrologue in playinvites us to interpret what comeswe can use imagination to make the play workplay requires the imagination o Chorusancient Greek play commentersexists in luminal space between afction and audiencetells us how to interpret the play11 line 8persuade us that the play is inadequatenot realistic o Question of if the stage can encompass historynoChorus knows stage is inadequate so asks audience to use imaginationAudience to sanction playContract between players and audienceHistory embedded in present dayneeds present day to make it workHarry is complex on the stagehe is like himselfa mere representation
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