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Lecture 23 Notes

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Rebecca Wiseman

Lecture 23 1 The Rhetoric of War o Elizabeth 1 speech to the troops at TilburyEthos based argumentKings two bodiesRelates to Saint Crispin speech o Line 24Harry talks about self and talking to entire armyHe says the only thing he covets is honourHarry makes a case for honour hereHe wants the most honour he can possibly getValue system is based on honourSaint Cripinveterans are rewarded with a sense of prideNobles will be rememberedBrand of brotherssuggests equality amongst everyone who fightsno division of classreward of being raised to rank of gentlemannot literally but because of participation in warHarry suggests that the actual gentlemen at home lounging around wont be able to claim gentlemanly statusRhetoric strategyfalse because gentlemen will always have more benefits but Harry says its an imagined shift of classThis speech was made by Shakespeare but fashioned by Queen Elizabeths speech o English more ragged than Frenchsoldiers possessing this abstract sense of honour o Insults and threatens FrenchThis scene distinguishes between outward show and inward principle honourHarry goes against
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