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LEC 2 1.14 Ransom/Keats

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Andrew Du Bois

The “heresy of paraphrase” - Can’t only translate into literary form into one thing? - Paraphrase; what is about Ransom’s dialectical structure - Metaphysical; take up ideas at the same time as 2 other things, object hood - Thought that metaphysical balanced idea and thing as a sort of miracle - Metaphor is a kind of a miracle; it transforms from one state to another state John Donne Poem – A Valediction: Forbidding Mourning - Love is a life and death matter (paraphrase of the first stanza) o Not very linguistically interesting o Taken figurative language and extended them o He has taken this idea and through this extended metaphor, call that deceit, has given it more body - Love is earth shaking, or earth shattering o To draw a comparison between him and other lovers o Sublunary as a good word - Our love is greater than mere physical proximity o Love based on merely physical terms or is it spiritual love - Love is precious o Takes figure of gold o Love to a jewel would make it look precious; love to gold o Love changed in the way that it looks; one continuous thing - Love gives your life direction o Taken that and expanded; made a conceit out of what it is o Male is going traveling; don’t mourn his absence o Don’t mourn their distance o Compass is doubly fitting because he is traveling and gives love direction o Gender reversal because of the erect member Keat’s Sylvan Historian: History without Footnotes - Objective correlative o The object, physical object could be a scene, that correlates to an emotional state o Burke in his essay calls it scene – act ratio o In a way that was what Donne was trying to do in his poems; state to his love o Overcome with rage = smashing a valuable vase  Makes into a state - Objections to the poem o Not to put down the work, that we are tapped into the critical conversation of the literature o Tell the reader what other critics have said about it o Can agree or disagree; one strategy o Pg 62, what is the relation of the beauty and the reflection of what it is trying to assert  In life?  World of commerce, case that we are bombarded with advertising and messages, created by people that are trying to make something in its limited way beautiful  Makes you associate the beauty of the advertisement to the product  Sometimes they are market tested  That’s why people are mostly not ugly in advertisement; unless is for comic  Traditionally advertisement is meant to be beautiful  Rhetoric, lots of nice phrases
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