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ENGC15 2

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Pouneh Saeedi

ENGC15 2 NEw CRITICISM  Movement in 1920s  Considered old-fashioned, conservative  But we still practice close-reading and shit  Moving past impressionistic attitude toward criticism o Inject more philosophical rigour o Very interested in form (father of formalism) o Ransom—Poetry: A Note on Ontology  Description (analysis) vs. evaluation  Description: what it is—genre, form, what is there. o Some think within description, there already is evaluation o Tacitly some kind of judgment  Evaluation: good/bad, how it scores among sonnets o Some think this is taste-making o Subjective o Is it good for what? For whom? For this time, etc.? Qualifications and shit.  Things—Physical Poetry  Images  Pure poetry  In the 20s, Moore’s Anthology  Concentration, as in undiluted with words  Ex. Ezra Pound’s In a Station of the Metro o Totes pure poetry with particularity and shit o IDEA: “these faces in the crowd”, faces are part of things larger, but they’re also totally individual from each other o IDEA: “apparition” sort of spiritual implications and shit o IDEA: nature imagery used to liken a scene that’s totally human- engineered (by humans, not of humans, but still technically of humans)  Links sonically: “crowd” with “bough”  Correspondence and differentiation  In two lines, he’s making lots of activity happen  Even in its most thinginess, a poem will have idea o Scarry, On Beauty and Being Just  Ideas—Platonic Poetry  Victorian poetry, preceding modernism
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