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Pouneh Saeedi

ENGC15 3 “heresy of paraphrase” Burke’s final point is that in some of these translations, you miss the linguistic activity. The sensual matter here, the intense linguistic activity.  Even when summarizing, a lot of the poem as an object of itself gets lost Miraculism:  Balance idea and thing into a sort of miracle  Metaphor is somewhat a miracle: transforms one thing into another state John Donne poem: o Our love is greater than physical proximity o We’ll always be together even though we’re apart o Lump of gold = love between two people  Love is a precious metal  So with the malleability, love can also be beat out to thinness  Changes in form, but not in essence  (to aery thinness beat) o “If they be two” presenting the other case (Ji premises?) o Compass conceit: used for navigation, so really cool o The male is tethered to the female o Can sum up each phrase/stanza, but you lose all of the linguistic activity and stuff  The metaphors, the dictions, etc. o This poem is concerned with objects so much that it ignores thinginess Brooks’s Keats’s Sylvan Historian: History Without Footnotes  Objective correlative: an object/scene in literature that objectifies an emotional state o “scene-act ratio” in Burke’s essay  Ex. not precisely about an object, but a scene and an act have a relationship with each other  Act: coming into adulthood from lots of stimuli; scene: New Yo
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